Once again the wild dogs are back on the reserve after a short disappearance. And our first sighting of them was right in front of the lodge.
Ranger Jacques ran to try wake up all the guest, but it was too late! Only one guest were able to get a glimpse of them. We got in the game vehicle to try and relocate them, but as mother nature often does she threw a curve ball and the wilddogs vanished and could not be found again. We returned back to the lodge where it was breakfast time for the guests. Patiently waiting a call from any of the other rangers on the reserve, maybe with news that someone spotted them, Ranger Jacques decided to keep the handheld radio next to him.

And as luck may have it 30 min later they were spotted lying in the middle of the road. Jacques Quickly gathered up the guests with great excitement and off they went again.

It was defiantly worth going out to have a look at them. We had the most amazing sighting of them lying in the middle of the road…

Jacques played around with his camera and captured some really nice Black and White pictures!!

Have a great week…
Silly season has started so busy time for us at the lodge.
Hope to see everyone soon
Jacques and Nerina

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