Waking up at Buffalo Thorn Lodge


Lions, Lodge, Safari, Buffalo Thorn Lodge, Pilanesberg,

Rhinoceros,Game Drive, Self Catering Lodge, Safari, Buffalo Thorn Lodge, Pilanesberg,Waking up at Buffalo Thorn Lodge
Jason and Cezanne Zeeman

Waking up at Buffalo Thorn Lodge is always special.   You almost can’t wait to see what is going to be having an early morning drink at the waterhole just on your doorstep. On this particular morning, it was a pair of Black Backed Jackal. Imagine our surprise, as we peeped through the curtain and saw these beautiful little guys having a drink before they spotted us and took off. Jackal today, and elephant tomorrow, that’s how it goes in the bush. The anticipation and excitement that comes with the wait and want of needing to know what’s next is truly exhilarating!   Our dear friend and Ranger Jacques loaded us all up onto the game viewer and we were off. Coffee in hand and blankets on the lap, we set out in search of some action. It wasn’t too long before we spotted them. Four young male lion out in the field. Not lazing about in blissful sleep as usual, but running, jumping and playing as they headed towards the waterhole.   Jacques was one step ahead of us, and them, and knew exactly where they were headed. We took a long road around the open field to cut them off so that they would hopefully make their way past the game vehicle. And that’s exactly what they did.   What followed was about 30 minutes of “Oohs & Aahs” from the tourists and the endless clicks of my camera shutter. As an aspiring wildlife photographer, these are the moments you live for.   I can’t wait to pack the camera bag and head off to Buffalo Thorn again


Photo’s by Jason and Cezanne Zeeman