Trust your gut…

We were having sundowners at the lookout after a great afternoon with lots of general game. After discussing and pondering on where we were going to find some cats, we decided that we would go straight to the Lodge and head for an extended drive into Pilanesberg itself the next morning.

We packed up and started heading home. I called Nerina and said we would be home in approximately 15 minutes so she could start the fire. As we got to a split in the road, something persuaded me take the left loop home and not to straight there.

I always say always trust your gut, so I went down Pilane Link heading south to the Lodge. Almost 500m from the Lodge something caught my eye in the tree… and there she was! A female leopard was lying in the tree with no worries in the world… and what a sight it was! It is always amazing to see the elusive leopard.Buffalo Thorn Leopard