Three rambunctious males!!

On Tuesday morning game  drive started out very quite . With only birds and plains game sightings. Just before coffee  stop we managed to see a  journey of giraffes with a tiny little baby giraffe. After coffee we slowly made our way back to the lodge through the wilderness and passed the pannetjies, desperately looking for some elephants!!! Just as we were about to call it a day and head back to the lodge , one of the guests said she thinks she saw a log. Asking whether we should reverse she said yes , just maybe we might be lucky.

And as it would be there it was!!! Oh no, not a elephant!! Our three sub-adult (rambunctious ) lion males. Having a quick doze under a shepherds tree. And as curios as youngsters are they came to 3 m from the vehicle to see what this big thing is. That gave everyone  such a nice show and we were able to take some great photo’s with them peering their noses into the sun!!

We left them where they retrieved into the bush for day and carried on like nothing has happened.