The Birds & the Trees.

Life takes many paths, but the best ones lead to the bush!

As night follows day, summer follows spring and this past month saw the first of seasonal rains.

It was a wondrous reminder that after an interminably long winter, summer is finally here.

The indigenous ‘Shepherds’ Tree’ was more commonly known as the ‘tree of life’ because human beings and animals alike can find sustenance from it. A more diverse tree is hard to find on the

African savannah. Its uses vary from fodder for both livestock and wildlife from its evergreen leaves, to a nourishing supplement for human beings.

The roots, when dried, roasted, and ground act as a substitute for coffee, or can be pounded into a white meal to make porridge. The trunks are used to catch rainwater

and even the berry-like flower buds are edible. A concoction made from the leaves is used to help treat eye inflammation in cattle as well as haemorrhoids for human beings.

And above all that, the Shepherds Tree also a really great supplier of shade when the sun is bearing down.


Summer is also a great time for bird sightings, this ‘African Paradise Fly Catcher’ was photographed by our resident ranger, Jumari.

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