The African Rock Python

In 2015 A number of visitors to the Lodge have had the opportunity to get up close to this 4.7m female Southern African Rock Python, which is found in the Sub-Saharan region.

The photograph below gives you an idea of how big she really is, with visitors from the USA holding her up for the camera.

Rock Phyton

We have included more photographs to show other perspectives.

This beautiful python was rescued on a farm in Rustenburg. She was kept safe until the Manager of Black Rhino Game

Reserve was able to rescue her. At the moment she is being cared for on the reserve until the beginning of summer. She will then be released with a radio transmitter to monitor her movements.

As Africa’s largest snake and one of the four largest snake species in the world, with the female generally being bigger than the male, this animal is on the endangered species list and needs to be protected. The greatest threats are from habitat reduction and hunting, but she should be safe on the reserve.   Snakes are not active at all during winter and go into a stage of brumation, a term used for the hibernation-like state that cold-blooded animals utilize during very cold weather. Reproduction occurs in the spring, and it is thought that this beauty may be pregnant and possibly carrying 30-60 eggs. The python is widely feared even though it is non-venomous and very rarely kills humans. Always remember not to pick up any snake in the wild because you won’t know if it is venomous.