That Perfect Weekend

Game Drive, Friends, Fun,Safari,Africa,Smiles,Big 5. Elephant

Although I have a terrible memory, I will never forget my weekend at Buffalo Thorn Lodge.

A group of friends decided to stay at the Lodge for a weekend after some research led them to this wonderful place. I was visiting South Africa from Spain and a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join and fill the empty spot. I said yes, not knowing what to expect and not knowing many of the people going. I ended up having the time of my life.


Game Drive, Friends, Fun,Safari,Africa,Smiles,Big 5. Elephant

The Lodge is an absolutely stunning and unique place to stay. The group decided that, in pairs, we would each be in charge of a meal which made the fact that we could cook ourselves such a fun activity; that we didn’t have to clean everything up afterwards was such a nice vacational touch. The pool and jacuzzi were refreshing on the hot days and nights. The outdoor space was wonderfully peaceful and relaxing, without giving up its luxurious feel. The watering hole in front of the pool was such an incredible plus, especially since there had been such a devastating drought.

Despite the drought, luck shined upon us as we saw so many animals on our game drives! From a whole pack of rare wild dogs (including pups) to rhinos marking their territory to giraffes; lionesses trying to hunt; water buffalo; zebras; hyenas; cheetah brothers; a monkey stealing our corn and a couple of crazy run-ins with an elephant in heat!


My phone had also fallen out of my pocket into the middle of the wilderness on the drive and it appeared again in the middle of the road on the way back! Everything seemed to go better than we had all expected. There were tons of laughs, so many new things learned and just an all-round cool experience.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I had to stay at such a special place. If I could, I would go back an endless number of times.

Thanks to the new friends, the incredible luck and the top notch staff, I will never forget that perfect weekend.
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Cristina Fernandez