In March the Heylen Family visited Buffalo Thorn Lodge. And Paul Heylen was privileged enough to take some marvellous footage of a little steenbok using its front hoofs to scratch a shallow depression into which his dung pellets and urine were dropped and then covered These areas are called latrines. Although buried they still seem to play a role in territory demarcation. The steenbok is the only antelope that buries their dung.  A fresh site is used every time.
The steenbok is  a brick red colour with a white under part. They are a mere 0.52m at shoulder. They weigh a mere 11kg and can live 10 years.
They are solitary antelope. When a pair is seen it can often be a mother with a lamb or a female and courting male.
Follow the link below to see this great sight. This is not something seen regularly.