So Close but Yet so Far!!

After a very successful morning game drive, we were doubtful the afternoon game drive could be as successful. But just as nature goes it surprised us yet again. We got a call on the radio that the same 3 young male lion we saw earlier that morning, were still having a “snooze” close to one of the pannetjies.

We decided to respond to the “assuming” resting lions. On our arrival to where the lions were resting, we realised that there was two Zebra a mere 50 meters behind the lions, in the Tambotie thickets. Not thinking much about the Zebra, as they walked further away from us and the lions. We watched the 3 lions for about 10 minutes when realizing that the Zebra had actually walked in a circle of about 100m around us. We assumed that they were only doing this in order to avoid the lions. But to our surprise, the 2 zebra leisurely strolled down to the water hole. Not knowing, the two zebra were walking straight into a lion trap. The 3 lions were in a attack position waiting for the right time to pounce on this delicious looking animal. The first Zebra walked around the water hole and were now positioned between the lions and the water’s edge. As he went down for its first sip of water, all three lions jumped up and gave chase.


The 3 lions tummies were still nice and full from a kill they made the previous day. This resulting, them to be a bit slow. Luckily for the 2 Zebra they lived to tell another tail of a close encounter!!!