Seasons Greetings!

The past year has been a rollercoaster for many of us, yet we persist. We wish you happiness and health over this season, and a year filled with all that your heart desires. Be safe, and let’s take care of ourselves and each other by reaching out to those who need it most, especially over this holiday season.

In closing, Buffalo Thorns’ very own home-grown owner Alan Bougardt was re-selected as a trustee at the Black Rhino AGM on 17 November. At a subsequent meeting of the new board on 26 November, Alan was elected as the Chairman of the Board. To have a dedicated leader at the helm bodes well for the Black Rhino Game Reserve as we navigate 2022 and beyond. Attached is the letter that was sent to the Black Rhino Game Reserve community, it’s a good read.

Warmest regards

The BTL team.