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During the past few weeks of lockdown under Alert Level 3 we, as guides here at Buffalo Thorn Lodge, have been treated to some phenomenal leopard sightings. The animals seem to be a lot more relaxed without our regular stream of visitors, and this month has been all about the leopards of Pilanesberg.

To some travelers to the bush, leopard sightings remain a myth; others will only “believe it when they see it”; and for some, even photographic evidence is not enough. Some travelers spend years looking for them without ever seeing evidence of their existence in the bush. We can attest that they have made their presence known here!

Amazing leopard sightings

We even had frequent sightings of them on the Black Rhino Reserve, which is not that common as they are shy and very seldom show themselves. A young female leopardess was even seen inside the Buffalo Thorn Lodge premises.

Here are a few highlights of our sightings of these beautiful and elusive cats over the past month.

We’re waiting to welcome you!

To top off this great month at the lodge, we have finally gotten the green light to open for commercial guests, including self-drive excursions to Pilanesberg. We can’t tell you how excited we are to share our piece of unspoiled bushveld with you!

If you also can’t wait to get away from the COVID-19 hotspots and reconnect with your loved ones in a tranquil, isolated setting that is perfect for physical distancing while being incredibly social, click here and receive a 50% discount for your stay booked before the end of July (you can confirm your travelling dates later). This special ends on 31 July, so hurry up and book your new view today!

Come and experience the African bush with us, Buffalo Thorn style!

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