Rangers Digest

Albeit unplanned, September has been the month of the big cats here at Buffalo Thorn Lodge, and it has been nothing short of spectacular. Almost everyday guests have enjoyed (5 out of 5) sightings of two cheetah males in their sleek, seemingly casual, yet poised frames. The fastest and most flexible of any big cat. Their eyes, ears and noses miss nothing as they take in information, we know nothing about. Occasional visits from Tale (also a cheetah) and her 3 cubs have further enhanced our guest experience at Buffalo Thorn Lodge. Tale has a reputation for being a very competent mom.

Two independent coalitions of male lions have been vocalizing and asserting their territory. While we love hearing these sounds in the bush, its ominous to other lions. In the blink of an eye these muscled beasts can turn from being seemingly placid and indifferent, into pulsating, crushing, and unrelenting killing machines. We never take lions for granted. The African bush especially today at 43 degrees C, is a tough landscape.

A female leopard also made her presence felt with a fresh Impala kill. The kill as is typical with leopards, was pulled up into a tree for feasting and safe keeping. Her strong neck, powerful shoulders and claws for purpose making light work of the exercise. The kill was sometimes easier to see than the dappled leopard itself – pound for pound the most powerful of all cats and the biggest planner of all.

Guests got front row seats to the two cheetah males running down and catching a large Impala ram right in front of them. A sighting that will remain with all of us for a lifetime. Many people spend years in the bush without witnessing something like this.

Here are some more highlights for the month of September.

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The BTL team