This  past two weeks has been  an exciting time in the bush.

We were lucky enough to find some lionesses and three cubs on a wildebeest kill.  The first rain fell, which also brought fourth a dry/warm spell.  The rainy season is nearing which will turn the dry, barron ground into a lush green wonderland.

The other night we  were treated to a sighting of  four sub-adult male lion, wrestling and playing up and down the road while a group of impala were casually just strolling along behind them- Unaware of their presence.

We also got to witness for the first time our newly born lion cubs(now three months old). This was a momentous occasion as the mothers do not venture to close to a vehicle  in the first couple of months. But the bigger cub of the two had other ideas. He  leisurely strolled towards the game viewer and before we could blink we had him right up at the wheel of the vehicle. The mom
showed no signs of being bothered  by our presence or us  too being so close to her young. The little one walked under the vehicle and out the other side. We witnessed this for about half an hour and then mom gave the signal that it was time to go! What a great sighting


Sightings for the week:

White and Black Rhino ,Lion ,Elephants, Buffalo ,Leopard ,Brown Hyena, Giraffe, Caracal.

Birds: Black Shouldered Kite, Marsh Owl, White backed vulture, black chested snake eagle.