The rains are finally here!!! A number of new born Impala have been spotted around the lodge.

After the first nights rains winged termites emerged from the nest, covering the ground in millions of tiny wings.

These termites lose their wings and males and females join up and find a suitable spot to start their own colony. The next morning the few remaining termites created a feeding frenzy for some birds like the yellow billed hornbills, pied babblers, and the crimson-breasted shrikes.

We saw two brown hyenas over the weekend, as well as a stripped kingfisher. The lions yet again made some interesting sightings with the big male lion named Thollo patrolling his territory.


Sightings for the week:

White rhino, elephant, lions, brown hyena, new born impalas, new
born red hartebeest and Giraffe

Kori Bustard, Striped Kingfisher, Plum coloured starling and  Korhaan,

Puffadder, bullfrogs, snouted cobra, black mamba, chameleons.