puff adder – Bitis Arietans

puff adder – bitis arietans

Little critter that we found on a morning drive over the weekend… cold and slow yet still so deadly…. Puff Adder classified as the most Dangerous snake in South Africa… due to the amount of bites a year…..‪#Buffalothorn‬ ‪#‎Deadly

  • The name ‘puff adder’ stems from the snake’s habit of inflating itself and hissing when threatened.
  • The snake itself is rather sluggish and generally moves in a rectilinear motion, or straight line (like a caterpillar). It does however possess one of the fastest strikes of all snakes and should be respected at all times! It is easily recognised by its stumpy appearance, only growing to a maximum of about 1 meter in length, the chevron-like markings on its back and a large, triangular shaped head.
  • The puff adder is responsible for more bites (and therefore fatalities) in South Africa than any other snake, even though other snakes have higher venom yields. The reasons for this are simple: it is very adaptable, is found in multiple, varied habitats and it is one of the few lazy snakes.
  • One of the most interesting facts about the puff adder is its apparent ability to produce live young.
  • They rely on its camouflage colours to blend into its surrounds and this helps with the ambushing of prey.
  • The puff adder moves in a straight line – it has an easily recognizable mark in the sand.
  • It has a strike rate faster than that of a camera shutter!