Our own Small biosphere

Elouise & Ian de Weerd (Lodge Managers) and the owners of Buffalo Thorn Lodge have long dreamt of starting their own little wormery and recycling the kitchen/garden waste at Buffalo Thorn  Lodge.

After months of looking for the perfect wormery we came across a place called Wizzard worms. At long last  the wormery was ordered . Patiently waiting as the wormery got sent up by courier all the way Kwazulu Natal.  Elouise had to specially  drive to Rustenburg, which is a round trip of 180km, to fetch the special package.  And  now Buffalo Thorn Lodge the proud new owner of its very own small biosphere: a careful balance of oxygen, moisture, food, temperature and, of course, the worm population.

The worms apparently take time to settle into their new home, and the leaflet warned not to expect results in less than two weeks.

We are now patiently waiting for our first batch of precious “worm wee”

The plans for the ‘worm wee’ include using it in areas where erosion is a problem, in our new herb garden, and our lush green buffalo thorn garden. If the wormery is effective and the precious worm wee work for our garden we will like to expand to another 2-4 Units

Everything from kitchen waste (raw vegetables, fruit peels, tea bags, coffee grind, crushed egg shells) to cardboard (cereal boxes, tea boxes, egg trays) can go into the wormery! If this system is implemented by all lodges on Black Rhino Game Reserve it will significantly reduce the refuge every week

Some interesting facts about the worms(earthworms) and their home:

Elephant dung is one of the worms’ top 3 favourite foods. Luckily for us (and them!), we have 57 000 ha reserve with almost 220 elephants.

Worms do not eat: citrus,onions,garlic(makes their breath smell 🙂 , pineapple, paw-paw and cooked foods

Worms have 5 Hearts- feel the love

Worms are hermaphrodites

‘Worm wee’ is the slang term given to the liquid that is produced when the worms get to work on organic matter.

‘Worm wee’ contains most of the vital nutrients your plants need for optimal growth. It is an outstanding tonic to feed and revitalise your garden, vegetable patch or farm.

Earthworms are live waste disposal units, and are efficient at processing organic waste and transforming it into a ‘black gold’ called vermicompost.

Worms can increase crop yields and enhance soil health and fertility…

Visit Wizzard Worms : www. Wizzardworms.co.za to find out how you can start your own wormery.


**Keep an eye on our blog to see when our wormery produce its first “worm wee”