MR R-hino!!

Fifty-two rhino have been poached in South Africa so far this year, SA National Parks said on Tuesday.

But even the on going fight against poachers still continue- We still get to enjoy the most wonderful sightings of rhino on the reserve.

Late friday evening we went out on a game drive with our guests and  a mere 200m from the lodge we found the lions. They walked straight past the lodge on their way to the nearby waterhole.  As the lions were drinking water , three  white rhino appeared and before long the rhino and the lions were having a face to face stand off.

Part of the lios pride is our two 6 month old lions cubs. While there was a scuffel happeing between the lionesses and the rhino one of the little ones veered away from the pride and got separated  from the mom. Unable to reach the lioness he stayed hidden in the grass untill finally the rhinos gave up and tail in the air quickly scurried away into the grass.

If you want a Rhino to put a smile on your face today follow the link below and  let ” MR Rhino” work his magic