Mother Nature always inspires

March has been an interesting time in the bush. As the whole world unite against a common enemy, Mother nature is reaping the benefits. With the lowered emissions of day to day commute, the air is becoming cleaner and Rivers are clearer. Fauna and flora are coming out and certain animals have been sighted for the first time in decades.

At Buffalo thorn lodge our guests had some truly amazing sightings this month. From Tale with her 4 cubs to a 100 plus buffalo drinking at the dam.

The buffalo have been on the reserve for the last 2 weeks and giving us quite a show. The local coalition of lions have been following them around, but so far they haven’t been successful.

Tale our resident female Cheetah has been looking in excellent condition and been successful in most her hunts. With the cubs growing fast they are learning how to survey and will soon have the opportunity to learn how to hunt. And with Tale being so talented in raising her young, teaching them to hunt is going to be very exciting times.

The 2 male lions have been at our waterhole on a regular basis, roaring and advertising their presence. They will be a true power in the reserve. Hopefully when the youngsters of the black rhino pride come of age, they will return to the plains.

With that said, we hope that everyone planning or have been to buffalo thorn lodge to stay safe and we hope to see you all in the near future.

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Kindest regards

The Buffalo thorn Team

One thought on “Mother Nature always inspires

  1. Isabelle Rafel says:

    So peaceful to read and see those great pictures from France, at this time! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s a real happiness to cheetah’s cubs… be Safe!

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