May rangers digest

With the winter chill now in full effect, the bush is receding with game viewing being so much easier. The winter colours present a totally different yet equally beautiful backdrop and charm to that of summer. Frequenting the bush during the winter months is more enjoyable to many of our guests.  The impala rutting season is also coming to an exhausting close as most females are now pregnant. The consequence is that come December, the bush will burst into a new season of life again. Aptly described in the Lion King, it’s the circle of life.

Rain, the female cheetah and her two cubs spent most of May prowling Black Rhino. With a few successful hunts under her tracking collar, her cubs are growing up strong, confident and ready to take on the rigours of the African bush. We have also seen two male lions on a wildebeest kill in the most Northern part of Black Rhino. Again the term ‘cycle of life’ comes to mind. 

When on safari at Buffalo Thorn lodge, one quickly recognises the connectedness of all things – from the trees, to birds and to everything in between. Below is a track from a White Rhino in comparison to Jumari (1 of guides) hands. Tracking forms a huge part in successfully finding game, and each track tells a unique story. 

Here are a few highlights for the month of May :

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Kindest bush regards

The BTL Team