Lions on a Wildebees Kill!!


This mornings game drive started out very quiet with only a few birds and plains game spotted.  But after our morning coffee stop we were in for a big surprise. Someone called in say that they have found four sub-adult male lions not far from the lodge. But to our surprise, the lions were on a wildebeest kill right on/next to the road.They had killed it during the early hours of this morning. Their faces where covered in blood and their stomachs so full they could barely walk.  The lions were so close to the vehicle we could almost touch them.  Two of the male lions where lying further away, about 4m, from the kill. Already satisfied with what they have eaten.

The remaining two lions carried on until there was almost nothing left. The 3 male eventually also gave up as his stomach was so big, we thought it might  burst. The last remaining lion then pulled the carcass a bit away from the road and as we could see only the skin, head and ribs remained.

He took a couple more bites and then also gave up. We left them after a hour to lazy about for the day. As it is a cool and cloudy day today they will definitely not go far, as they can barely walk with those full stomachs.