Life in the bush!!

The last two nights it has been impossible to get a good nights rest due to the wildlife making so much noise.
Monday night we got surprised at 11:30 when we had an unexpected visitor in our garden. A big elephant bull. That mysteriously came in somewhere. He didn’t cause any havoc but after several attempts to chase him out we decided to call it a night. We then reattempted to chase him out yes…terday morning and without much trouble he leisurely strolled out the front gate as if nothing happened.
Last night the elephant herd was really upset and trumpeted the whole night. And the lions roared and is it echoed through the valley it made one feel they were in the bedroom. This morning on game drive we found the whole herd of ellies and the”garden invading” elephant bull. He was in full musth and not happy. He kept us up for almost an hour , refusing that we pass. He is probably the reason why the herd was so upset during the night. And on our way back to the lodge we were lucky enough to find the lion pride with 2 females, two cubs and 4 sub-adult males. Oh and not to forget: We saw a young femail leopard on last nights game drive right next to the car. The life in the bush!!!