June Rangers Digest

With the Winter solstice now past, we look forward to the warm sunny days to come. At Buffalo Thorn Lodge winter is a pleasant time as the afternoons are warm and the air is crystal clear. Guests almost develop binocular vision at this time of day. Gin and tonics on the deck are the norm with our individual blanket ponchos providing a comfy barrier against the remaining chills. Armed with such – anyone can brave the cold morning game drives as well. 

Sightings have been great, as the 2 Cheetah males are currently on Black Rhino. There are plenty of Elephants coming to the waterhole at the lodge, and we often spot the old Brown Hyena resting next to the road.

Brown Hyenas are very shy and elusive creatures, considered to be sole scavengers. They follow the other predators around and finish up what they leave behind. These beautiful scavengers sweep and clean the reserve.

Here are some highlights of the month:

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Kindest bush regards

The BTL Team