July Rangers Digest

Given the icy weather in July, sighting have been a challenge. However, the sightings we did get, were indeed quality sightings. Apart from spotting wildlife on game drives, our lodge waterhole has definitely proven to be the high point for July! We have enjoyed daily visits of elephants, zebra and wildebeest. The two 3m decks overlooking the waterholes have been amazing in that guests can just relax while sipping a chosen beverage, and have animals come to them. Another tough day in Africa!

With midday temperatures being mild, we opted on numerous occasions to have breakfast first, and then make the trip into the Pilanesberg National Park for the day. The road that we as Black Rhino are allowed to traverse into the park, is a 17000Ha area known as the wilderness. The wilderness is a cooldown area for the animals and only has management roads which is a no-go-zone for the general public. Sightings have been fantastic with lion and leopard, and even a brief sighting of a honey badger. Let’s hope that Stoffel makes an appearance again soon!

The buffalo herd has been scarce of late. When waterhole waterholes dry up, they tend to venture more towards the center of Pilanesberg. They do however come back to Black Rhino every summer for the nice sweet blue buffalo grass. The Pilanesberg and Black Rhino are in what we call a transition zone between 2 biomes, Savanna and Karoo, the western parts are Sweetveld and the central parts are mixedveld. Diversity of wildlife, birds and plants are a natural consequence.

Here are some highlights for the month of July:

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The BTL Team