January Rangers Digest

Time flies when you are having fun at Buffalo Thorn Lodge. Testament to this is the fact that January 2023 has already come and gone. Time is a precious commodity given to each of us, one second at a time. No-one gets any more time, and no-one gets any less time. How we use time is a choice. Because time flies, it’s important to dedicate time to those we love, and to do the things we enjoy. If you love spending time in the African bush, get here quick & then take it slow. Life is more about creating moments versus acquiring things. The lion sightings in particular have been absolutely fantastic this past month. The Western Pride have been seen almost every morning. These kings of the bush have inspired and created precious moments in recent weeks.

It’s been a hot summer to date with temperatures reaching over 40’C. Migrant bird species are still having a great time in the Pilanesberg often memorizing guests whether merely perched or with dazzling displays and flashes of bright colors.

Here are some highlights from this past month:

Come and join us on Safari at Buffalo Thorn Lodge and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Kind regards

The BTL Team