Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil!!


The past week the game viewing has been up and down.  Last weekend we didn’t see much game. We had some great elephant sightings and rhino sightings but as for lion and leopard they kept giving us the slip. Their tracks were all over the reserve but we just couldn’t find them anywhere.


But on Monday evening things started changing. Just before sundowners Ian found a lone female lioness walking and contact calling. Eventually another female joined up with her. But the one female kept on contact calling, they then stopped and laid down in the shade about 30m from the road. Everyone was excited to finally find the lions again after not seeing them for almost 4 days.

Both females where nice and fat, probably having caught something during the weekend hence us not seeing them.

It was then decided to first  stop for some sundowners and then try and relocate the other lions. After sundowners as we where coming down one of the roads a sub-adult male lion and the two 6 month old cubs were lying in the road.  They gave us quit a show- playing, rolling around, chasing one another and then suddenly the got up and walked in the direction of the two females we saw earlier. Ian went around the block and relocated all the lions and our adult male ”thollo”. They were all together again


We were privilege enough to share this sighting with one of the owners, his wife and some family members- 3 old ladies!!