Greetings from Jacques and Nerina

Lion,Safari,Buffalo, Thorn,Lodge, Family

Lion,Safari,Buffalo, Thorn,Lodge, Family


I (Jacques) took the photograph of the lion above on a recent Friday… on Facebook I captioned it, “Looks like we are not the only ones happy it’s Friday!”   We are happy here every day… and have had plenty of excited visitors during the December and January period, with lots of joy and laughter. It is always an honour to serve you at Buffalo Thorn Lodge.   January is generally a rainy season for us, but this year it seems to have stayed away. Due to the intense heat we have had the elephants at the Lodge on a daily basis, to drink out of the Lodge’s little waterhole. It has been amazing for all our guests. The elephants are also up at Black Rhino Reserve at the moment as the Raisin bush is in full bloom and a tasty delicacy for Africa’s giants.


The lions have also made their return and our whole pride is together. The pride consist of one old female, four adult females, two young males and one older male who is going into his prime now. It is so good to see them all together. We have even seen one of the younger females mating with a male that moves through the whole reserve, so hopefully we have cubs on the way.

Our three cheetah boys have returned to the park, not long after they got into a big fight with the two older males (fathers of the three boys). Sadly both of the old boys have passed on due to their injuries.

Why not plan another well-deserved break, even if it’s only for a couple of nights. We guarantee that you’ll leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. Our entire team is looking forward to being of service to you… and we do hope it will be soon (see June early bird special below).

Here is a selection of my recent photographs. Please LIKE our FaceBook page  for regular photographs and videos:



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