February Rangers Digest

In Johannesburg as well as in the NW Province, summer is in full swing. Buffalo Thorn Lodge has regularly been experiencing temperatures exceeding 40’C. Our guests are warriors, and these temperatures have not detracted them from enjoying ice-cold beverages by the pool. All this, while watching game coming to the lodge waterhole to equally relieve parched throats & to quench thirsts.

February have been truly amazing. Almost all the lions of Pilanesberg National Park have at some point been on Black Rhino this month. It’s a difficult dynamic as lions fiercely contest territories and will fight to the death if encountered by other prides. The two Black Rhino males are currently terrorising the central pride. Any cub deemed under a year old would be killed to get rid of the previous males’ genetics in order to speed up the process of reproduction. The Black Rhino males, want the central pride females. To avoid conflict, the prides have been moving away from them seeking to avoid annihilation. Africa is not for the faint hearted. 

Rain’s two sub-adults are slowly but surely showing signs of approaching adulthood with successful hunts on multiple occasions. The one being male and the other female, they will eventually separate as nature’s way of preventing inbreeding. Tale and her youngsters are also very active and exploring the West of Pilanesberg and the cubs are currently healthy and growing fast. You need to be fast in the wild. A lapse in concentration or a loss of speed often signals an untimely end.

The elephants have been visiting the lodge at least two or three times a day. The increase in heat obviously drives this behavior and it makes for great game viewing and a close, personal experience right from the BTL jacuzzi or pool.

Here are some highlights for February:

With that said why not come and join us on Safari and let’s make memories that will last a lifetime at Buffalo Thorn Lodge.

Kindest bush regards

The BTL Team