Wednesday  the 15th of February marked a very special day for two people- Anna Hart and Daniel Elliott.

They met on an outreach in Brazil in 2009. Anna was in his aunt’s church in Virginia. She told Anna that  she  was going on the same trip as him to Brazil.  They started talking on facebook before they met in Brazil. The outreach in Brazil was very involved, so we didn’t see much of each other there, but they stayed in touch after the trip and became good friends long distance.

In 2011, Anna came to SA on an outreach. She let him she was coming and they arranged to have lunch. There was a great connection and he even introduced Anna to my family.

After Anna left, they where both interested in being more than friends, but it took a few months to get to that. Then Daniel  visited Anna in the States and met her parents He told Anna then that he wanted to marry her.

Daniel wanted to get engaged  and as Anna was in South Africa for a short visit  he decided to come to Buffalo Thorn Lodge to ask the big question. Seeing as Anna is from America he thought that it will be one of the most memorable places to get engaged.

He started corresponding via email with Elouise at the lodge. And said that he would like to do something magical for Anna. With all the planning Daniel’s sister Chanelle arrived early on Wednesday and together with the staff they created a romantic wonderland.

The ultimate place was chosen- the hide overlooking the bushveld far from the lodge. The hide was made up with satin cloth, candles and roses. Daniel and Anna arrived later with unaware of anything happening a mere 500m away from the lodge. Ian (Manager and ranger) took Anna and Daniel on an afternoon drive. With his  nerves  acting  up (just a little)  and the ring in his pocket ,Daniel didn’t pay much  attention to  the animals and the great lion sigthing they had. On arrival back at the lodge Anna was sat down and told to watch a video( A special Lego –carefully- filmed- movie specially created for her).

At the end of the video it said she must follow the candles. Slightly dazed she was directed by Elouise to the well lit pathway. The pathway from the lodge was light up by a 100 candles and   the floor covered in rose peddles. She followed the candles to where her night in shining armour was patiently awaiting her arrival.

He went down on one knee and asked her to be his wife- She then answered him  with a  big YES.

After the most magnificent ring was slipped on her finger they sipped on a glass of shampane listing to the night sounds and a elephants stomach grumbling only a few meters away.

We wish  the both of them wonderful years ahead and may they lives be fill with love and joy.


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