Elephants Galore

The days are growing shorter and the nights colder and longer. After a strong cup of Buffalo thorn filter coffee, we set out on the morning game drive from the lodge. Not even 2 minutes out the gate we bumped into a herd of more than 60 Elephants.

They popped into the lodge waterhole for a quick drink and headed off all in double file. As soon as they arrived… they disappeared into the bush. What a way to start the morning… With large herds of Elephants they are often followed by what is known as “Satellite bulls”.

We left the area and heard lions calling in the distance. As we got closer we saw their tracks in the road and knew we were right behind them. We found the two young male lions taking a stroll down the road while scent marking their territory.

They eventually did what lions do best… laid down under a nice tree for a nap. We decided that a well deserved cup of hot chocolate was in order, and left the 2 snoozing under the tree. After our morning stop we were nicely entertained by these beautiful bird sightings.

Because of the summer heat, some of the animals started going for cover. On the way back to the lodge we had a quick visit by the new hide and our resident hippo Terence, was giving us a great show.

Just as the stomachs started grumbling for morning breakfast we bumped into yet another massive herd of elephants. This time with a few young bulls fighting in the road.

Content with our amazing game drive, we went back to camp and we could truly say it was full of action and definitely “Elephants Galore” on Black Rhino Game reserve.

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