As most of you know it is currently VERY dry in most Part of South Africa and have we not had the enough rain to brake the drought.
Yes the bush has turned lovely green and in some areas farm land has started sprouting. But we need lots more rain and some people are in dire need of some water.

We thought that we might ask for everyone’s help:


In times of drought:

In a semi-arid, water scarce country such as South Africa, dry spells and heat waves can be expected. But what happens when rainfall is so low that crops start failing, livestock go hungry, and experts warn of potential damage to our economy?

South Africa is currently in this situation. While a state of drought may be out of our control, our reaction to it is something we have full power over. We call it being WATER WISE! However you see it, it is up to each one of us to change the way we perceive, value and use this precious natural resource.

Be aware of every drop you use, ask yourself how much water you can actually need every day, and commit to being WATER WISE:
• Only flush toilets when necessary
• Only water your garden after 18:00 in the evening
• Fix leaks and dripping taps in your garden and home
• Take shorter showers and shallower baths

Some Great initiatives has been started to help people in serious need in the most drought stricken parts of South Africa. People have been collecting water for both animal and humans alike, as well as feed for livestock!

So if you want to help click the link and find out where you can drop off some water!


Info collected: Waterwise and watershortage South Africa

Feed and water collected
South Africans need water