Black Rhino Concession Lions

 Black Rhino Concession  Lions

After almost a year of the Black Rhino Lion pride being absent from the Black Rhino concession and one only seeing them on rare occasions, they returned late last year and now seem to be back to stay.

They were so scarce as they spend most of their time in the deeper wilderness area inaccessible to our game vehicles/ ‪#‎Safarivehicle‬

The pride currently consist of:


*  Two dominant females –  which has both sheered a number of litters on Black Rhino. And gave rise to the 2 well know black maned lion males in the park- ‪#BlackRhinoMales‬.

*     4 Cubs

 *     A dominant male called “scruffy”

 *     2 young males approx. 18 Moths old.- They are not always with the pride as they are testing the boundaries as they are slowly reaching sexual maturity and will then leave their mom to fend for themselves.

Male Lions reach sexual Maturity at the age of 2/3.


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