A light Snack

On Morning game drive on Wednesday  our ranger Ian and guests came across a Black- Backed Jackal. Stopping to take some photographs of the jackal, Ian spotted a second jackal. In the background a frantic call of a Natal Francolin could be heard. At first it looked like the jackals wanted to catch this Natal Francolin, but all of a sudden the jackals turned and jumped into a small bush where he caught a baby francolin. The female francolin intensified her calling and even circled the jackal but too no avail. The jackal wasn’t even least bit concerned by the female birds attempt to distract him from his new found meal. He just continued to eat the little francolins. Swallowing 5 little chicks whole. Yes it was a sad day for the female Francolin, but in the animal world it is survival of the fittest and the strongest survives.


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