Just another Game Drive!

Just another game drive or so we thought.It all started off with a Herd of Buffalo out in the open, relaxed and not worried about any of the game drive vehicles.All of a sudden a panic stampede started when a herd of elephants started chasing the herd of buffalo. Wow nothing like a great interaction between two of Africa’s great mammal!

Thinking that was the highlight of the day and nothing would beat that, we went out for a late afternoon drive and decided to go back to where we found the Buffalo earlier that morning. Everyone wanted to see what had happened to the Buffalo after they were chased away by the elephants. But to our surprise there were no signs of any Buffalo or Elephants, But as the bush would have it we were in for a big Surprise!!

WILD DOGS, lying right next to a body of water, but to our dismay they all got up and went and laid down behind a bush were it was impossible to see them. Oh well that is how it goes and we called it a night as the weather was coming in and we will try find them in the morning

The rains did come down and the earth got some much needed rain. It was not much, only 3mm through the night.

As our guests were leaving this morning we decided to do a short drive in search of the Wild dogs again. And as luck would have it , we found them lying in the road on the western boundary. They had just finished an Impala kill, stomachs full and giving us a nice sighting!!

What a fantastic game viewing experience!!

IMG_7996 IMG_7979 IMG_7977